Knight of Silence Gallatin

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Card Information

Knight of Silence, Gallatin
Knight of Silence, Gallatin.jpg Name Knight of Silence, Gallatin Kanji 沈黙の騎士 ギャラティン
Kana ちんもくのきし ギャラティン Phoentic Chinmoku no Kishi Gyaratin
Unit Normal Grade 2
Power 10000 Shield 5000
Nation United Sanctuary Clan Royal Paladin
Race Human Trigger None
Flavor TD01: Silence says it all
BT01: My Sword, you shall have.
Skill None




A holy knight who leads the knights. Because his eyes are so bright they can burn the souls of others, he always hides his eyes. The sword which he holds his pride on is not entirely visible, and evil ones before him that are not aware of its presence will be slain.


Knight of Silence, Gallatin.jpg Japanese Gallatin.jpg Alternate Art Gallatin.jpg